20240207 Blinky’s Trap

Since last September, I had stalled on my Blinky project. Lots of reasons, but the largest one was deciding a design and the construction of the fish trap. I mostly new what I wanted, and the current construction matches my vision fairly closely. I wasn’t sure how to build it. I considered metal, wood, 3D printing and a mixture of materials. I eventually settled on 3D printing.

The design, in the photos above shows the competed Fusion 360 design. I haven’t finished printing and attaching the LED strip holders that will light the fish from below. The fish will only have lights in the eyes.

I’m hoping to be done with the fish and trap within the next week or so. However, the project will stall again as I need to address the wiring and electronics in the backyard. I am currently thinking of some supported masonry to house the electrical. At the moment, the simple outlet I have is bad for a lot of reasons and needs to be redone and I needs to create an expanded utility space.

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