Wood Lathe (2023/12/28)

For the last two months, between everything else going on, I’ve been ordering components for a wood lathe. That includes the lathe, sharpening station, tools and miscellaneous accessories. This week, I started to build the bench to hold the lathe and some of the materials. I’ve got the basic carcass together, painted and the lathe mounted on top. Now I need to make a bunch of holds for the tools and accessories. Most of those, I think, will be designed in Fusion 360 and 3D printed.

At the end of this evening’s session, I threw some junk wood and attempted to round a bit over. Having never used a lathe before, it was both easier and harder than expected. It was less scary. For some reason, the idea of sticking tools into spinning wood has always bothered me, but this little effort went reasonably well and learned a couple of minor things.

As I finish up the bench, I’ll start picking out some novice projects and learning how to properly use the tools I bought. I only picked up a minimum set of cutters based on combining several recommendation sources. I’m sure I’ll need more tools as I actually get into real projects.

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