Decommission of CNC (20231021)

After more than a decade of sitting around my shop, the CNC unit went away. I think I used it on some very minor projects, probably mostly experiments, during that time, but using it was normally more frustrating than helpful. In the end, I wanted that space reclaimed for a new grinder. I’ll cover that in a future post as I need to build some sharpening jigs for a Lathe that hasn’t gotten a post that hasn’t been written (mostly because I haven’t used it yet and I tend not to just post purchases).

Within the last year, I considered reviving it. I was looking at improving the Z-Axis mechanism. I also had to toss the old XP machine and was going to rewire the controller for a Raspberry PI and an Arduino to run GRBL. In the end, I couldn’t think of a good reason to keep it around. I think I will have another wood cutting CNC, but I think I want to start with a fresh build. Maybe a build that can support other types of heads (e.g. laser cutter). But, I’m thinking that’s a ways off.

It can be hard to get rid of stuff.

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