Redid Paint Booth Ventilation (2023)

I built a small paint booth a couple of years ago. For venting, I tied it into my dust collection system. While, I had a furnace filter in place, it was never an ideal solution. One, it isn’t good for the dust collection system for those chemicals and particulates. And, two, the dust collector vents back into the garage.

I’ve been wanting to vent to the outside. Rerouting the dust collector would be a bit problematic and made harder because I would want to to be configurable. So, I opted to get an inline vent and reroute the ducts from the paint booth out to a garage vent instead of the dust collector. This weekend, I finally got around to implementing that plan.

For light painting, I think the current motor will be fine. But, I am worried about when I spray the diluted Bondo spot glazing compound. There is a lot of overspray. Enough that the booth gets very cloudy without the dust collector on. It will be interesting to see how this motor keeps up. I’m hoping that this solution clears out enough fumes that the garage is usable after spraying something. I suspect not, but if it cuts down the time, it would be nice.

I use a respirator when I’m out there and spraying, but leaving it on for long periods of time while I work on other aspects of a project would be annoying. As it stands, I typically wait to spray anything hostile towards the end of a work day so there is time for the garage air to cycle.

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