Failed: Project 3D Photographic Scanner (2022)

I found an online project for performing 3D scanning via photography. I printed out the solution, but it was a failure. The unit couldn’t support the weight of my SLR camera and I learned, the hard way, how sensitive PLA is to heat (I had it in the sun for a couple hours and it turned to soft taffy).

I’ve since redesigned my approach and it is mostly focused on having a microcontroller rotating an object and triggering the SLR to take a photo. So, I can do 360 degrees at a time and then manually reset the camera for the elevation views. At the moment, the proof of concept works, but I need to go back and finish the software and casing. As well, as understanding what I need to do to get accurate results with meshroom (e.g. a backdrop to clean up content).

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