Rolling Work Benches (2022)

I built a set of 4 rolling work benches. Each are 2’x4′ and are the same height as my table saw. They were designed to solve a couple of problems:

  • More project work area
  • More storage
  • Ability to work on large projects when needed, but not have big tables in the way
  • Additional support when cutting 4’x8′ sheets

In general, I’ve found they’ve worked well. In particular, it allowed me to create a work space in the garage for smaller projects. In the past, I’ve ended up working on the table saw extension table or in the house.

Two of them have customized storage (slots for cases or drawers). Eventually, I expect all four to have optimized storage.

The wrought iron style draw handles were 3D printed PLA and painted. One has already failed (posts) and I will probably reprint them in PETG as they fail.

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