Flagstaff, 20050814


I have two wood working projects worth showing off. The first is a living room built-in that is almost done (I suspect it will be almost done for some time). The second involves building cabinets for our laundry room. I'm only about halfway done with that project.

Living Room Built-in (2005-2006)

Living Room, 20060424

Buttons, 2006
The last set of pictures I took were in April, but I've only done a few things since then:
In this room, there was a seven inch deep by six foot wide niche. It is mostly a factor of how the buider designed the interior walls in this part of the house to look thick. But, they didn't carry the wall line. When putting up crown molding, I decided to drywall in two arches. A year or two later, I built this.

Things still to do at the time the picture was taken:
  • Knobs
  • Patch screw hold on bottom left side
  • Thin molding at top of interior arch
  • Probably put quarter round molding at bottom shelf to hide seams
  • Decide what do do with interior

Utility Room Cabinets (2006)

I have a rather large utility room. The cabinets provide a lot of storage.

Doors, glass and drawer fronts done. Counter top in. Just little things left to do.

Utility Room, 2006 Utility Room, 2006

Office bookcase (2008-9)

This is my latest project. I've been wanting to do this build since we moved in 5-6 years ago. This picture shows it near completion.