Scotland, 1998


I've been learning how to brew beer for the last few years. I've just started getting consistent results and exploring different recipe styles and regional flavors. For others interested in the hobby, which is a lot like cooking, I would recommend visiting: The Brewers association for serious information. And for entertaining, and potentially offensive information, The Brewing Network. As a slightly related topic, I would recommend exploring the Slow Food movement.

My current setup

Like any other hobby, you can buy tools. Tools in some cases (woodworking) can somehow become more of the hobby than actually using the tools. In any case, my current setup and background. To non-brewers, this may not make too much sense.


I built this beer tap set up in 2007 and upgraded it to 4 taps in 2008. I current have five soda kegs and a 20lb CO2 cansister (I've yet to actually had to refill it). I also recently picked up a mini CO2 charger and mini taps so I can take a keg or two to family or friend gatherings.

Beer cooler